July 21, 2010


Got the top done!  Woohoo! I  was kinda just playing around today and spaced the day out instead of sitting down and sewing for a straight 5 hours or more.  I don't have the backing fabric yet but I'm thinking of just using the same sky blue that's on the front..

I think it would look pretty good.  I really want to make one for myself now haha.

Sorry for the poor lighting and angle.  I took the photo around 6:45pm and the sunlight's not shining through the living room window anymore.  I had to stand on the couch to take photo with my iphone.

I'm pretty happy with how the quilt turned out.  There are a few spots where the blocks don't line up exactly, but I'm not perfect (and no one is!) and I'm still happy with it.

I so want to make one for myself now LOL!  But I'm thinking of maybe doing a True Blood themed quilt after I finish the fighter quilt.