December 10, 2008


I've decided to start crocheting! My first project is going to be a scarf :3 Because it's cold outside and the scarf I bought last year has unraveled (R.I.P McFluffy). Si I'm going to make my own. Yay!
But I only have two crochet hooks and they're really small, so I need to buy bigger ones.. I've got small yarn too, but it's not so good for a beginner. So I need to buy more yarn too.. Maybe once I get better, I'll use the smaller yarn to make scarves for my lovely dolls <3
I want to take up knitting too. I haven't knitted for about 10 years. So long ago.. I feel so old and I'm only 17 -_-;; 18 next month!

I've started digital painting again.This is what I have done.. It was kind of inspired by Lucky * Star and Haruhi XD;;
I probably watch too much anime for my own good... oh well!

Anyway. Peace!

October 27, 2008

First Post

So this is my first post on my newly created Art Blog. Yay!
On my blog I'm going to post quilts, sketches, paintings, etc., that I work on.
I just want to keep an archive of my creations ;)