August 28, 2011

3D Animation

Took a course on Saturday about 3D Animation. We made coke bottles, I had to make mine 3 times to get it perfect but I only saved the second attempt because I forgot to save the third one!

So here it is. I'm really feeling 3D animation and may take it next year. Slightly undecided but I have a year to decide so no worries for now I suppose.

I move tomorrow. I've been packing for the past week off and on. I really don't like packing so I always get distracted haha!

Once I move to the new apartment I'll have more room to set up my crafting supplies and my sewing table, so there should be more posts if I can remember to post hehe.



April 15, 2011

What I've been up to...

There's many more but I've given them away to friends/family as gifts.  There's also two cross stitches and some quilt designing that I've been doing.
I took a little break from making quilts to work on some other crafts and hobbies that I love.
Some of these may go up on my Etsy but I haven't worked out shipping methods and pricing yet, but when I do I'll be posting the information on the bloggity :)


January 16, 2011

A new year already?

Wow a new year so soon.
I made some progress on the Fighter quilt and I started to make a quilt for Simone. Do you think he will stop laying on quilts in progress?

Doubt it!

Other than the two quilts I'm working on, I'm also starting to crochet some dishcloths. I want to open my own shop on Etsy at some point, but I still need some products to post! I may also work on some video game related items so keep a watch on the blog for any updates.

PS Super sorry for the reaaally late update, I'm so bad at these things >_>;;;