December 10, 2008


I've decided to start crocheting! My first project is going to be a scarf :3 Because it's cold outside and the scarf I bought last year has unraveled (R.I.P McFluffy). Si I'm going to make my own. Yay!
But I only have two crochet hooks and they're really small, so I need to buy bigger ones.. I've got small yarn too, but it's not so good for a beginner. So I need to buy more yarn too.. Maybe once I get better, I'll use the smaller yarn to make scarves for my lovely dolls <3
I want to take up knitting too. I haven't knitted for about 10 years. So long ago.. I feel so old and I'm only 17 -_-;; 18 next month!

I've started digital painting again.This is what I have done.. It was kind of inspired by Lucky * Star and Haruhi XD;;
I probably watch too much anime for my own good... oh well!

Anyway. Peace!