July 16, 2010

Mario Quilt

So this is the progress of the Mario quilt so far:
I'm pretty excited. I think I will get it done by July 24th but still no guarantees.
You can tell where I haven't ironed yet haha.  But I'm getting an ironing board this weekend! I have to get a cover for it though, I don't really have time to make one yet.

I recently painted my Dollfie Dream head again...
I like it better than the old faceup but I'm still not happy with the eyes :/
I like the blushing a lot better this time around though.

<--New faceup

<-- Old faceup

She's a DDH03 on a DDDY body :)
Yes she has a wig but it's not very good quality so I need to order a new one soon.

~Ciao, Mira